2021 Undergraduate Writing Award Winners Honored In Virtual Awards Ceremony

Published: June 11, 2021

This year’s Undergraduate Writing Award winners were honored via a virtual award ceremony. Please view the presentation here.

The following is a list of the winners, their essays, and the faculty who nominated them:

Tom Davey Science Writing Prize
WINNER: Grace Yang, “2020: At Least You’re Not a Banana” nominated by Gregory Rubinson for English Composition 130C

Peter Rotter First Year Writing Prize
WINNER: Devon Whalen, “Hockey Pucks and Comet Stuff: How Life (May Have) Started Through Shock Synthesis” nominated by Briley Lewis for Cluster 70

Peter Rotter Essay Prize
WINNER: Jackson Combe, “Suspicious Theory and Critic as Translator, Sage, Revolutionary” nominated by Christopher Mott for English 184.4

Teague-Melville Writing Prizes
WINNER: Jacob Hershenhouse, “Eggs Benedict: A Critical Evaluation of Brunch in America” nominated by Kathryn Renton for Food Studies 133W
WINNER: Karen Madamba, “Our Experience with Music: From Listening to Feeling to Healing” nominated by Dana Cairns Watson for Honors 43W
WINNER: Shaindi Schwebel, “Survivor Stories Featuring Jayne” nominated by Laura Hartenberger for English Composition 137