UCLA Department of English Hosts A Collective Reading of James Joyce’s “Ulysses”

Published: January 19, 2022

The UCLA Department of English is celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the publication of Ulysses by hosting an experiment in collective reading. Professors Louise Hornby and Colleen Jaurretche will hold a series of Thursday evening discussions of the novel, which will be read over the course of the winter and spring 2022.

The six book club meetings will take place from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM and will each cover three episodes. They will be held either over Zoom or in Kaplan 193, depending on whether instruction is in person or online. Participants are encouraged to use the Gabler edition of Ulysses. No prior knowledge of the novel is required or expected.

Book Club Dates:

  • January 20: Episodes 1-3 (pp. 3-41 of the Gabler Edition) on Zoom: https://ucla.zoom.us/j/94678197118
  • February 10: Episodes 4-6 (pp. 45-95)
  • March 10: Episodes 7-9 (pp. 96-179)
  • April 7: Episodes 10-12 (pp. 180-283)
  • April 21: Episodes 13-15 (pp. 284-497)
  • May 12: Episodes 16-18 (pp. 501-644)

Click here to register.
[Please fill out the form at the link above to register for the meetings. For the January 20th meeting, the Zoom link is listed above and at the end of the form.]

For more information about the Ulysses Book Club, contact Louise Hornby at lhornby@humnet.ucla.edu or Marta Wallien, Programs and Media Manager at mwallien@english.ucla.edu.