Welcome to UCLA!

Our English courses are designed to help students meet their English language needs in small, intimate classrooms that facilitate the language and cultural learning experience. Our courses are taught by highly trained professionals who are certified in English as a Second Language instruction and are the only instructors at UCLA with the academic expertise to handle the unique needs of second language speakers. From those whose goal is to attend college or graduate school in the United States, to those whose aspirations are to excel at their profession, or whose wish is to enhance their overall English performance, we have something for everyone. Our ultimate aim is to take your English skills to where you need them to be, as we help you to improve your written and spoken English, as well as your reading and listening skills.

If you are planning to travel abroad for language studies, our location is ideal. Los Angeles truly offers a multicultural experience for our international visitors to enjoy: great food, plenty of activities to do, great weather and amazing people. Our program features meaningful activities that will make your experience in L.A. an unforgettable one, and we look forward to making your intentional studies dream a reality.

Please explore this site to learn more about our extensive range of English language courses, which are held on our state of the art campus in beautiful Westwood, California.

We hope to welcome you soon in L.A.!