Latest Past Events

“Crear Para Sanar:” Create for Healing

193 Kaplan Hall

Based on the life of a Dominican immigrant and Brooklyn matriarch, Mercedes is a multidisciplinary arts, humanities, and healing program that addresses aging, mental health, and intergenerational trauma. Through community-based workshops, VR experiences, documentary film, theater, and a gallery exhibit, Mercedes celebrates and supports the resilience of seniors, caregivers, Latinx communities, and the broader public. Modesto...

“Poets in Prose”: Professional Writing Minor Capstone Seminar Colloquium

"Always be a poet, even in prose." -Charles Baudelaire About The Event UCLA Writing Programs and the UCLA Department of English invite you to our second annual Professional Writing Minor Capstone Seminar Colloquium, organized as part of Undergraduate Research Week 2023. In this series of panels, students from the Professional Writing Minor (PWM) will present an...


“Where we might begin”: Professional Writing Minor Capstone Seminar Colloquium

“If we are lucky, the end of the sentence is where we might begin. If we are lucky, something is passed on.” -Ocean Vuong, Poet, Essayist, Novelist About The Event The UCLA Department of English and UCLA Writing Programs invite you to a special colloquium organized as part of Undergraduate Research Week 2022. In this...