2022 Symposium

The 5th annual Creating Connections symposium on writing pedagogy will feature some new takes on previous topics like contract grading and multimodal composition, while also moving into new territory with a session on neurodiversity and accessibility and a collaborative session (with the EPIC-Lang conference) on intersections of writing and language pedagogy. Given our emphasis on accessibility this year, most sessions will be held in a hybrid format, with both in-person and Zoom options. 

Please check out the full website for the event for more information and RSVP, or click on session links below. 

As always, this symposium is free and open to all members of the UCLA community.

Session 1: Neurodiversity and Accessibility In Higher Education

Thursday, May 19th 3-4pm PDT* 

Hybrid session: 365 Kaplan Hall and on Zoom (RSVP for link) 

*Followed by a workshop with UCLA All Brains, 4:15-5pm PDT


Session 2: Alternative Grading Methods

Friday, May 20th 11am-12pm PDT 

In-person session: 348 Kaplan Hall (see website for materials)


Session 3: Metacognition and Technology in Multimodal Classrooms

Friday, May 20th 1:30-2:30pm PDT 

Hybrid session: 348 Kaplan Hall and on Zoom (RSVP for link)


Session 4: Rethinking the Teaching of Writing in the Language Classroom

A Collaboration with EPIC-Lang

Friday, May 20th 3:15-4:15pm PDT 

Hybrid session: 348 Kaplan Hall and on Zoom (RSVP for link)



Friday, May 20th 4:30-5:30pm PDT 

In person: Powell Library Courtyard



Thanks to:
Our wonderful Graduate Certificate in Writing Pedagogy students and Writing Programs faculty; steering committee members Peggy Davis, Marilyn Love, Spencer Robins, and Laurel Westrup; Lisa Felipe and Gyanam Mahajan from EPIC-Lang; Tara Contreras and Sara Hosegera for help with planning, and Writing Programs Director Christine Holten and Associate Director Jeremy Kelley!