Sneha Thirkannad

I was lucky enough to take English Composition 134C, and I loved it. The small class size allowed for in-depth discussions of the incredibly complex climate catastrophe and not only showed me the drastic nature of the problem, but also taught me a wealth of actions that I can take and can encourage my friends to take as well. The class is a lot of work, but the work is of utmost importance given the urgency with which we need to act if we want to mitigate the impacts of our environmental breakdown. The reading assignments are carefully chosen to be the most impactful and most relevant to promote action and a sense of hope in a situation that seems increasingly dire, and the writing assignments teach applicable skills for communication that encourage activism on both small and large scales, both of which are relevant in a variety ways to our current political atmosphere. I highly recommend this class, and will be using the skills I learned throughout my life.