Nicolette Gelnak

Though English Composition 130A (Professional Writing: Digital Writing and Web Literacy) was the first writing course I took at UCLA, it absolutely exceeded my expectations. The course readings and weekly assignments were not only interesting, but were immediately applicable to professional skills such as article writing, blog post writing, research skills, and more. I always looked forward to discussions in the seminar-style class because my peers and I were able to share our personal experiences with digital content while discussing the best methods of writing for online audiences. My favorite part of the class was the final essay, through which I was able to explore a topic relating to the digital world that was interesting to me while demonstrating all of the knowledge I gained throughout the course. My instructor and peers provided ample feedback and encouraged me to continue seeking ways to better adapt my essay for online publication. Now, I am applying this experience to my job as I work on developing content for new websites. I can’t wait to continue building upon my professional writing skills by taking more Writing Programs courses in the future!