• TA Training

UCLA Writing Programs has become a leader in training graduate students from many disciplines how to teach writing. In fact, our Graduate Certificate in Writing Pedagogy is an outgrowth of the work we have been doing with TAs all across campus. Our lecturers train TAs to teach writing courses for 1st -year composition, ESL, Writing II, Engineering, Freshman Clusters, and the Freshman/Transfer Summer Program in the Academic Advancement Program (AAP).

  • EC 495 TA Training Courses

    Learn more about the TA training courses offered through WP.

    495 Courses
  • Teaching Opportunities for TAs

    Find out about the TAships you can apply for with this training.

  • Graduate Certificate in Writing Pedagogy

    Interested in applying your TA experience to a highly regarded certificate in writing pedagogy? Learn more here.

    Writing Pedagogy Certificate
  • Student Testimonials

    See what TAs say about their training experience.

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