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“Where we might begin”: Professional Writing Minor Capstone Seminar Colloquium

May 25, 2022 - May 27, 2022

“If we are lucky, the end of the sentence is where we might begin. If we are lucky, something is passed on.”Ocean Vuong, Poet, Essayist, Novelist

About The Event

The UCLA Department of English and UCLA Writing Programs invite you to a special colloquium organized as part of Undergraduate Research Week 2022. In this series of panels, students from the Professional Writing Minor (PWM) will present an exciting array of capstone seminar projects.

A new and growing minor with just eleven graduating seniors in 2020, forty of the PWM’s seventy-one graduating seniors this year will present on a rich diversity of topics that exemplify the range, depth, and individualized paths possible within our minor. From immigration to nanopore sequencing, college math pedagogy to Los Angeles art galleries, students from diverse majors will share their original work in a range of genres including personal memoirs, professional websites, video productions, cultural criticism, and more.

We welcome friends, family, faculty, staff, and students, including past, current, and future Professional Writing minors. Join us to experience writing as an act of both communication and exploration, as these emerging writers use their sentences to continue and pass on their discoveries.


Wed. 5/25: 9-9:45am, 10-10:45am, 11-11:45am, Powell 186
Thurs. 5/26: 9-9:45am, 10-10:45am, 11-11:45am, Kaplan 193
Fri. 5/27: 9-9:45am, 10-10:45am, 11-11:45am, Powell 186

Wednesday, 5/25/22
(Powell 186)

Thursday, 5/26/22
(Kaplan 193)

Friday, 5/27/22
(Powell 186)

PANEL 1: 9-9:45AM

PANEL 4: 9-9:45AM

PANEL 7: 9-9:45AM

Jad Aazami

Ethan Carroll

Ashla Chavez-Razzano

Maya Radhakrishnan

Ida Funke

Jonathan Gough

Taylor Nossaman

Griffith Hughes

Juliette Oliver

Danica Tran

Casey Laret

Jacqueline Silva

PANEL 2: 10-10:45AM

PANEL 5: 10-10:45AM

PANEL 8: 10-10:45AM

Kaylee Elijah

Natalie Albaran

Dzuy Nguyen

Jairo Gutierrez

Shayan Ghaziaskar

Hannah Nguyen

Helen Nguyen

Ha My Le

Brooke Sauceda

Maryna Sanchez

Jasmine Schuette

Yasmeen Sheik

Isabel Wong

Maegan Smith

Caroline von Raesfeld

PANEL 3: 11-11:45AM

PANEL 6: 11-11:45AM

PANEL 9: 11-11:45AM

Nicolette Gelnak

Lynette Caballero

Robby Ackles

Lauren Kim

Marilyn Chavez-Martinez

Julia Licursi

Veronica McClelland

Kailee Silver

Meghan Rhoades

Aniela Ramirez

Roxann Song

Cassidy Tran

Amber Thatcher

List of Presenters and Project Titles
  • Jad Aazami; Transcendentalism Reveals Modern Slavery
  • Robby Ackles; Working On It: How Young Professionals Can Make an Impact in the Workplace
  • Nat Albaran; Anecdotle
  • Lynette Caballero; Money is Always an Issue
  • Ethan Carroll; Saying No to the Hospital
  • Marilyn Chavez-Martinez; Kaleidoscope
  • Ashla Chavez Razzano; The Young Curator’s Guide to the Sprawl of LA: Southern California’s Great Metropolis and the Galleries Within
  • Kaylee Elijah; K-pop Fandom: Marginalized Women and Their Empowering Traditions
  • Ida Funke; The History and Future of California Wildfire
  • Nicolette Gelnak; The End of the Line
  • Shayan Ghaziaskar; How Fundamental Economic Theory & History Can Help Us Understand Our Noisy World
  • Scotty Gough; For Students? For Teachers? Why not both?
  • Jairo Gutierrez; Who Owns My Music?: Intellectual Property in Entertainment
  • Griffith Hughes; Nanopore Sequencing: A Brief Review
  • Lauren Kim; Fusion
  • Casey Laret; Medici, Explained
  • Ha My Duy Le; Little Creek Writing Co: A Cultivation of Copywriting
  • Julia Licursi; Impact by Design: Brand Strategy for Next-Generation Social Entrepreneurs
  • Veronica McClelland; A Walk Through my Mind
  • Dzuy Nguyen; In the Teeth
  • Hannah Nguyen; Pop Press Blog
  • Helen Nguyen; CozyGamesCafe Blog
  • Taylor Nossaman; First Impressions
  • Juliette Oliver; Kazakhstan Then and Now: Exploring Nomadic Pastoralism and Kazakh Tradition Through Study Abroad
  • Maya Radhakrishnan; In Collective Fashion
  • Aniela Ramirez; Only in Dreams
  • Meghan Rhoades; Sustainability, Creativity, Community: Unravel at UCLA
  • Maryna Sanchez; Critical Media Literacy: Through the Lens of Gen Z
  • Brooke Sauceda; Seeing Those We Don’t Hear: A Look into Representation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities in Film
  • Jasmine Schuette; Social World Anti-Social Girl
  • Yasmeen Sheik; Know Your Fears
  • Jacqueline Silva; A Love Letter to the 916
  • Kailee Silver; Do You Believe in Life After Love?
  • Maegan Smith; How to Read (and Look) Like a Pro
  • Rox Song; Mugunghwa
  • Amber Thatcher; The Second Draft: Analyzing Comedy, Characters, and Conflicts in Fiction
  • Cassidy Tran; Crime Hurts, Justice Heals: Envisioning Restorative Justice in America
  • Danica Tran; What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You: Interpreting Scientific Articles About the College Experience
  • Caroline Von Raesfeld; Who is the Lone Genius?
  • Isabel Wong; Level-Up the Game: How to Empower Women in Video Games

The PWM Capstone Seminars are led in Sp22 by Writing Programs faculty: Drs. Dana Cairns Watson, Liz Galvin, and Amber West.

Presentations followed by Q&A. Refreshments provided. Free and open to the public. 

We will adhere to UCLA’s COVID-19 event guidelines. Please complete the Symptom Monitoring Survey prior to arrival.

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May 25, 2022
May 27, 2022
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UCLA Department of English & UCLA Writing Programs